With Pride Inclusive Integrated Healthcare



To provide all walks of life, inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community with safe, inclusive, online and in clinic confidential spaces to access holistic healthcare solutions, this to empower physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual health. 

By providing a multi-modality service we aim to improve health outcomes by providing preventative healthcare and health management that is person-centred and considers all the elements of a customers life that can become barriers to health.


To continue expanding With Pride's presence to promote health outcomes in our community, this by continually growing and providing representation with our practitioners in all states of Australia and a strong global online presence for consultations, workshops, article writing, guest speaking and broadcasting



Our founder Sharon Abel (BHSc (Nat), AdvDipSocSc (Just)) throughout her years of experience as a Practitioner and as a Psychosocial Mental Health Support Worker witnessed the hesitation of clients in accessing not only medical healthcare but also that of preventative healthcare.

This is particularly the case for the LGBTQIA+ Community where discrimination and coming out anxiety is still a continuing issue, this contributing to less than ideal health outcomes.

With this came the vision for providing a visibly inclusive space to access an integration of health care services that work collaboratively with the aim to improve health outcomes for overall health including mental, physical, emotional, relationship, career, environmental and spiritual health.

By creating this platform people from all walks of life and in particular those that identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ Community can be empowered to work on their health without anxiety, simply knowing that they will be met with acceptance, inclusion, respect & honour.