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With Pride


Sarah Stickland LGBTQIA+ Networking

Sarah Stickland - Networking Manager


Networking and relationship management

Sarah joins us with a passion for community, ensuring that we have opportunity for clients, future clients, organisations and businesses to connect with us on a meaningful level that further fosters social change to improve the health outcomes of our LGBTQIA+ Community, this with a strong focus on empowering our Trans and Gender Diverse Community. 

Zay Canters Fearless Movement Collective

Zay Canter - Marketing & Networking


With Pride and Non Gendered Fitness 

Zay (They/Them) is one of the co-founders of Non Gendered Fitness (NGF). They support trans and gender diverse people throughout their medical or non-medical transitions with fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching. Within NGF, Zay manages the website and production of online training videos. Zay will be working collaboratively with us at With Pride focusing on marketing and networking. They are a snowboarder, skateboarder, distance runner and climber, and are currently building a skate park in their backyard during COVID! 

Kim Batchelor Voice Overs

Kim Batchelor - Voice Overs & Marketing Assistance


Professional Voice Over Producer

Kim is our Voice Over Queen........Yas Queen!!!

Kim will be our production manager for all voice over advertisements and will assist With Pride with future marketing and broadcasting. Kim brings an energy and a smile that always translates into her production work and is available for bookings outside of With Pride. Get in touch with us via the contact page if you wish to know more or to book your production job in with Kim.

Sharon Abel, Shae Louise Abel

Shae Louise Abel - With Pride Founder/Director


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy), Advanced Diploma of Social Science (Just)


Shae has a love of marketing and broadcasting to reach our wider community, delivering health education for physical, mental & emotional health.

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Training is a passion of Shae's, particularly for those that work in the Healthcare Sector.

Available for article writing, guest speaking, workshops & media broadcasting. Get in touch with us via the contact page to schedule Shae or to ask more questions.

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