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With Pride


We aim to share informative, useful and easy to implement health tips to support you on your 

journey to better physical, emotional and mental health, on a weekly to fortnightly basis.


Guide to setting goals and achieving them


30 October 2020

Lucija Peric (she/her)

Exercise Physiologist

Have you set yourself some health and fitness goals for the summer but feel like they have been knocked about during COVID? Setting goals and routines and feeling emotional when they haven’t worked out is completely normal during these uncertain times, especially when our usual routines might have changed.

Did you know that 40% of Aussies have said that they have gained weight during COVID, with 2 in 3 feeling negative impacts on exercise!

It can be difficult to set goals and a plan during a pandemic, especially when we don’t know what our ‘routine’ will be like or what changes will take place. Have you found ways to adapt your plan and health regime? If yes, that is fantastic. If no, that is okay, and we can help you with that.

If this post aligns with your current situation click here to read more and to access our free goal toolkit to start your journey back to better physical, emotional and mental health! Click Here.......

Mindfulness can help you digestive bacteria


10 October 2020

Sage King (she/her)


Have you noticed changes to your digestive system since the COVID 19 pandemic has hit? Are you experiencing bloating, flatulence, reflux, or noticed changes to your bowel motions? So many of my new & existing clients have been increasingly experiencing gastrointestinal disturbances since COVID has significantly changed our lives. Did you know that your gut & your brain have a direct line of communication? Alterations to our brain influences our gastrointestinal function & vice versa. While there can be many causes for altered gastrointestinal function such as parasitic infections, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), excessive antibiotic use, some pharmaceutical medications, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel disease (IBD) & a diet high in refined sugars, processed foods, & alcohol, stress is most often a key driver in reducing gastrointestinal function.

Click here to read more.........

Blog - are we the product of our DNA


24 September 2020

Anna Diep (she/her)

Holistic Living Coach

It is common knowledge that children inherit genetic make-ups from their parents. Our genes are instructions on how our body is made, and these instructions are formed from our parents’ genes. This is why we often look like a mixture of our parents – I have my dad’s build but my mum’s eyes. And if we consider that genes are made up of DNA, then the question here is, are we the product of our DNA? Research in this field have shown that it’s the combination of our genetics and life experiences that ultimately form our identity. We inherit physical traits and behaviours from our parents, but our life experiences can impact our characteristics, and ultimately change them…

Click here to read more.........

Blog post - discussing our mindset with our bodies


7 September 2020

CARRIE ROSS (she/her)


The physical changes experienced after weight loss surgery happen in such a rapid manner that we often fail to see the difference in our own appearance. Coupled with the lifetime of knowing oneself as a certain ‘type’ of person and labels that not only society has given us, but ones we have all too readily stuck to ourselves, its high time we started to peel these labels off.

“You have the choice to remain in your negative headspace, or recognise that, just like the need to buy smaller underpants, the elastic on your thoughts, feelings, habits and perceptions may be a bit worn too and in need of replacement”

Click here to read more about Carrie's tips for changing your perception of yourself during and after weight loss....

Blog Post - How Acupuncture can help with PTSD


3 September 2020

SARAH KELLY  (she/her)


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental condition that can affect anyone of us that suffers or witnesses a traumatic incident. It was once considered to affect only soldiers that went away to combat. However, people that are involved in serious accidents physical or sexual assault, torture, bushfires or floods may experience any one or all symptoms relating to PTSD.

Click here to read about how Acupuncture can aid in symptoms of PTSD.........

Blog Post - Hacks to help you with a healthier lifestyle


31 August 2020



When we have busy lives, we can often struggle to find the time to cook. When we get the right food into our bodies we provide our bodies the essential minerals and nutrients we need to survive. If we are deficient in certain nutrients then it has a knock-on effect to how we feel – not just physically, but mentally too!

I wanted to give you a few of my tips on ways to make it easier for you. By the way, good food doesn’t need to take very long either!

Click here to read my top food hack tips

Get to know your window of tolerance better to support good mental and emotional health

Getting to know your window of tolerance

26 August 2020



The window of tolerance can be a helpful way to understand how you cope with different situations. Many people wonder how they can keep their cool in one situation, but then totally lose it in another! Or we might wonder why we respond to situations differently from other people.

The window of tolerance refers to an arousal state where we are able to handle things – we can experience distress, but still manage to settle ourselves. We can communicate with others and engage with the world around us. This is a great place to be.

Beyond our window of tolerance, two other arousal states exist.......Click here to learn more

Tips on boosting your immune system during winter


18 August 2020



Winter winds and runny noses!!

As the season change so do our bodies, adapting and altering to the world around us, with the drop in temperature comes the rise of winter time colds/ flus; the term “just something going around” becomes and everyday occurrence. This snuffle season aim to nourish and support your body’s immune system to prevent the winter time blues. This immune boosting tea is A With Pride favourite, and is perfect for the cold mornings or a great little drop for if you feel a cold rush coming on. It consists of a mix of whole dried ginger, turmeric and black peppercorns brewed on water finished with fresh lemon juice and raw honey. Click here to read the full recipe and more tips for supporting your health…..

Tips to help you eat for your mood


13 August 2020

Holly Moore - Graduating Nutritionist

Food can play a huge role in the way we feel. Our stress levels have never been higher, and with social isolation in place and an uncertain future timeline of a return to “normal”, it is no wonder many of us are struggling with low mood and general anxiety. This daily stress not only affects our mental health, but is also a key driver behind inflammation and increased disease risk. The good news is that we can help nourish and support our body through food to reduce the effects of daily stress and boost our mental health. Research has shown us that regularly consuming a nourishing, wholefoods diet rich in key nutrients can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety significantly. It doesn’t have to be a complete dietary overhaul – make small changes and include what you enjoy – eating well shouldn’t be a chore!

Here are my top eight mood-boosting foods.....Click here to read more.

Superfood Breakfast - Overnight Oats

26 July 2020

Sharon Abel - Naturopath/ Founder & Director of With Pride

Kick start your metabolism and energy levels for the day and lower your afternoon sugar cravings. This is a simple recipe for those on the run or for those that find it hard to do food prep in the morning! Plus it’s delicious!! 

Superfood - Quinoa Salad

15 July 2020

Sharon Abel - Naturopath/ Founder & Director of With Pride

Quinoa as a base for your salad brings a great source of protein and fibre.

Fibre is imperative for maintaining a healthy microbiome (good bacteria) in the digestive system as it is classed as a prebiotic, this meaning that the good bacteria needs this to stimulate growth and activity. This along with the other ingredients in this salad are a great way to support your digestion all whilst improving your nutritional status, it’s basically a multi-vitamin in a simple & delicious meal.

This particular salad contains; Quinoa, Fetta, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumber, Olives, Roasted Butternut Pumpkin, Sprouts, Mushrooms, Rocket & Spinach. As a dressing I have just used a dash of Brown Malt Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

TIP – By adding a squeeze of citrus juice to any salad or smoothie activates nutrients for absorption that may otherwise be inhibited by phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are present in plants as a form of protection to the plant, this is particularly the case for absorbing iron from spinach.

Why your children need more omega 3

Omega-3 Deficiency & the correlation to poor 

concentration in children. 

10 July 2020

Shae Louise Abel - Naturopath/ Founder & Director of With Pride

Do you remember being asked this question as a child when moving around “Have you got ants in your pants”?.

So many children find it hard to draw their attention to one task, whether this be at home or at school, there are so many sensory distractions around them now with technology, class sizes and that constant desire for instant gratification that the last few generations seem to be more

Curve magazine online article published

Curve Magazine - Business Editorial 

20 June 2020

Shae Louise Abel - Naturopath/ Founder & Director of With Pride

Check out our Business Editorial published in the iconic Curve Magazine!

An abundance of gratitude to JOY 94.9 and Curve Magazine for the opportunity! You can read more of the editorial by clicking here.

Media and broadcasting specific to the LGBTQIA+ Community is so important, please jump over and support both JOY 94.9 and Curve Magazine. You can support them simply by engaging with and sharing posts on social media, or if you are in the financial position to do so, by joining up as a member or donating…..every contribution and engagement helps towards keeping these resources available to our community!

Blog Post - discussing how activated folate can support a reduction in depressive symptoms and anxiety

Depression & Activated Folate

12 June 2020

Shae Louise Abel - Naturopath/ Founder & Director of With Pride

Are you feeling unmotivated, teary, exhausted or just overall flat?

Collectively & globally we have all just experienced isolation, fear, financial loss, disconnection from our loved ones and sadly loss and grief.

It is important to be self-aware enough to recognise what are absolutely valid emotions to be feeling at this time, acknowledge them, nurture yourself and start the healing process, but for some of us it goes a bit further than this. Read M​ore......