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Depression & Activated Folate


Activated Folate can support a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression

12 June 2020

Are you feeling unmotivated, teary, exhausted or just overall flat?

Collectively & globally we have all just experienced isolation, fear, financial loss, disconnection from our loved ones and sadly loss and grief.

It is important to be self-aware enough to recognise what are absolutely valid emotions to be feeling at this time, acknowledge them, nurture yourself and start the healing process, but for some of us it goes a bit further than this. 

If you are feeling like it is taking every bit of energy you have just to function and get through the day or you are feeling completely overwhelmed, please reach out and talk to someone, start with a friend that you know will hold space for you or chat with a counsellor, as sometimes these can be signs of depression. I have put some useful phone numbers below where you can access phone counselling 24 hours a day in Australia, for those in other countries a quick google will find you the links and numbers you need.

For those of you that do have depression or you have a susceptibility to it using an activated folate supplement may be helpful.

Studies have found that consistently people with depression also have a significant deficiency of folate. Clinical trials have shown statistically significant improvement when taking a supplement of activated folate, this is called methylfolate.

This activated form of folate is safe to use alongside most anti-depressants & clinically I have been witness to the difference for a number of clients that were not responding well enough to medication alone. So, it’s worth a chat with a qualified Naturopath, Doctor or Pharmacist to work out if this is a supplement that is right for you to include in your recovery plan.

Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14

Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Mensline Australia – 1300 789 978

Suicide Callback Service – 1300 659 467


We aim to share informative, useful and easy to implement health tips to support you on your 

journey to better physical, emotional and mental health, on a weekly to fortnightly basis.