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Exercise Physiologists (EP) specialise in clinical exercise interventions to assist clients with an extensive range of physical health concerns. This includes those that have existing medical conditions and injuries or those that are at risk of developing them.

An Exercise Physiologist can assist you by preventing or managing conditions that have been short or long term in existence, as well as those that recur with certain stressors, focused on restoring optimal physical function and overall wellness.

All interventions are exercise based and include education around health and physical activity.

Engaging with an Exercise Physiologist may include but is not limited to exercise counselling, rehabilitation, health education and behavioural coaching. These treatment goals are addressed by use of exercise programs & lifestyle guidance to address sedentary thought patterns and activity.

Some examples of chronic diseases that can be supported within this modality are; cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, arthritis, depression, neurological disease etc.

You may also like to consult with an EP for functional capacity assessments, to build strength and function both pre and post-surgery and for workplace assessments.