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With Pride


Tips for easy ways to live healthier

31 August 2020

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When we have busy lives, we can often struggle to find the time to cook. When we get the right food into our bodies we provide our bodies the essential minerals and nutrients we need to survive. If we are deficient in certain nutrients then it has a knock-on effect to how we feel – not just physically, but mentally too!

I wanted to give you a few of my tips on ways to make it easier for you. By the way, good food doesn’t need to take very long either!

• Meal plan for the week - that way you know what you’re having each night and what ingredients you’re going to need when you do the groceries - If you have older kids, get them to choose a meal that they can make for the family!

• Think about meals you can make in bulk like Bolognese, curry, quiche, stew, lasagne, soup or even roasted veggies - that way you can portion it out and fridge/freeze for easy reheating, or for emergencies when you’re short on time.

• Spend half a day prepping meals, chopping up veggies that you’ll use through the week, that way you can just grab out what you want, saving you time.

• Pre-cook protein that you might use like chicken and freeze it into portions so it’s easy to add to your dish and saves you time. Hard boil some eggs so you’ve got easy to grab snacks!

• If you’ve got lemons/limes to use squeeze them into ice trays so you can grab a cube of juice when you need and don’t forget that delicious zest! Great to add with chicken, potato or in a cake!

Whilst the thought of prepping meals and cutting veg might not sound like a half day well spent for some people, think of the time that can save you after a day at work! It gives you extra time to exercise, relax or spend with loved ones. By planning your week, it also takes the stress out of what to cook and avoids that last-minute decision to get ‘Uber Eats’ or drive-thru!

If you have kitchen hacks – share them with us!

Written by Amanda Flower 


We aim to share informative, useful and easy to implement health tips to support you on your 

journey to better physical, emotional and mental health, on a weekly to fortnightly basis.