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With Pride


Gift Voucher Healthcare

So why purchase a Gift Voucher?

You may know someone you love that always puts themselves last, they invest in the health and wellbeing of their village more than they do in themselves.

It may be that you have a friend or family member that you know has been putting up with or ignoring physical, mental or emotional health needs.

You may have heard a friend talking about an issue they experience regularly that they no longer know what to do with.

Then there are the people that always strive to reach optimal health and fitness, with so much information out there, so many differing opinions, some educated, some not, it can be confusing for these people to navigate what their body needs and to identify what works for them without the guidance of a professional in the areas they want to work on.

By purchasing a With Pride Gift Voucher, you can choose a Practitioner from the following modalities; Naturopathy, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Personal Training, Exercise Physiology, Holistic Counselling or Holistic Living Coaching, this allowing you to tailor your gift to the needs of your recipient.

All of our Practitioners (other than Acupuncture) are available for online consultations globally, therefore this gift is also relevant for those outside of Australia, or for those that reside in remote and rural areas, that otherwise may not have access to services such as those that we offer.

Gift Vouchers are available at the price of your choice, it might be that you would like to contribute to a portion of a consultation to encourage someone to start looking after their health, all the way through to paying for a number of consults. We feel this flexibility can meet the needs of all.

If you pop over to our Bookings and Fees tab, you will find Practitioner locations and availability as well as the prices for consultations, further you can learn more about each Practitioner under the Our Team tab, or more about a chosen modality under the Therapies tab.

From here, simply choose your Practitioner and decide on the amount you wish to contribute to their consult, then email [email protected] or call 0432628921 to arrange your gift voucher.