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Herbal medicine, also known as Botanical Medicine and Phytotherapy is a form of natural medicine that extracts medicinal properties of plants for use in promoting health and preventing disease or assisting with existing ailments & symptoms.

Herbal Medicine dates back thousands of years in numerous cultures, this evidence is termed Traditional, however in more recent centuries herbal medicine has been the subject of extensive scientific research, in many cases the gold standard of research (randomised controlled trials) has been used to validate the use of this form of medicine.

Herbs are known to work in synergy, this meaning that they complement and enhance the actions of each other when used together. During a consult a herb mix is prepared according to the needs of the individual client, for example an individual may be under stress but also have digestive issues, therefore the herbal preparation would be individualised to address the most prominent presenting complaints in one formula.

Herbal medicine can be delivered in the form of a liquid extract, tablet/capsule, tea or cream