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Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living

Capacity Building - Improved Health and Wellbeing

We are proud to now be offering Self-managed & Plan Managed NDIS Consumers, in particular those that identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ Community access to: Dietary Planning, Exercise Physiology, Personal Training & Individual Counselling.

Dietary planning can be utilised by a consumer for many different reasons, these include but are not limited to; overall health, dietary education, weight loss, chronic or acute physical, mental or emotional health conditions, address and reduce side effects of medications, pain management, stress, anxiety, depression, the list goes on. 

Using this hand in hand with Exercise Physiology or Personal Training can see a consumer’s quality of life dramatically improve and therefore assist in achieving an array of other goals that a consumer may have within their NDIS Plan. 

Individual Counselling is not limited to when a consumer needs to work through a specific concern such as trauma, relationships, stress etc, we welcome consumers to engage in our service to begin empowering personal growth so that they may thrive.

At With Pride we recognise that quite often an NDIS consumer may need delivery of these services via the support of their carer, parent, guardian or community organisation and therefore we can tailor our consultations and health plans according to these needs.

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