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What is Occupational Therapy



Occupational therapy (OT) is an allied health profession that involves the therapeutic use of everyday activities, or occupations, to treat the physical, mental, developmental, and emotional ailments that impact a patient's ability to perform day-to-day tasks. We are soon providing Functional Capacity Assessments.

What is Nutritionist


Nutritional Medicine is focused on the prevention of disease and the management of, via a holistic lens.

When consulting with a Nutritionist your nutritional status, the quality of your food consumption, dietary behaviours as well as your environment, mental, emotional and physical health will be taken into account when developing a sound plan to support you in reaching your health goals and addressing health concerns.

What is an Exercise Physiologist


Exercise Physiologists (EP) specialise in clinical exercise interventions to assist clients with an extensive range of physical health concerns. This includes those that have existing medical conditions and injuries or those that are at risk of developing them.

An Exercise Physiologist can assist you by preventing or managing conditions that have been short or long term in existence, as well as those that recur with certain stressors, focused on restoring optimal physical function and overall wellness.

Some examples of chronic diseases that can be supported within this modality are; cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, arthritis, depression, neurological disease, pre and post-surgery etc. Our EP also offers Functional Capacity Assessments.

What is a Naturopath


Our Qualified Naturopaths are your health detectives and have the skill and training to become your Primary Healthcare Provider from a holistic perspective. A person-centred service that works to empower our clients for healthy change and health management in relation to all aspects of life. We recognise that all life and physiological systems work in conjunction and affect one another. Naturopaths can refer you directly to laboratories for a whole range of pathology testing including blood, urine, stool and hair analysis, followed by an interpretation of your results.

After comprehensively compiling your full history, including family history, current presentation, medications and any known diagnoses, we then develop your short and long-term treatment aims. Evidence-based treatment options include; herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, wholefood dietary guidance, lifestyle advice & personal growth support. 

What is Acupuncture


Acupuncture involves inserting fine single-use sterilised needles into specific points on the body, or applying various other techniques to the acupuncture points to bring about healing. Scientific trials around the world have found that acupuncture is a safe and useful treatment for many different disorders.

Acupuncture points are located on specific channels (meridians) that connect the exterior of the body with the internal organs.

When the body is in a state of good health, Qi (pronounced chee) and blood flow smoothly through these pathways but when there is dis-ease or trauma there can be insufficiency or obstructions to the flow of qi and blood, which then cause an imbalance in the body leading to illness or pain

What is Holistic Living Coaching


Holistic living coaching is a powerful form of healing therapy that taps into your inner strength and wisdom to help you break unhealthy patterns and release deep emotional blockages in order improve yourself and your life.

Often when we are struck with a life crisis – major crossroad, career disruption, family conflict, midlife crisis, social/emotional impairment (anger, depression) – there doesn’t seem to be a way out or a way forward. Holistic therapy is about moving forward. 

The work you do together with your Coach addresses every aspect of your life and provides rapid results as it relies on action, not just words, to promote positive change. 

What is Holistic Counselling


Holistic Counselling is a form of healing therapy that empowers the person to access their own inner wisdom to break unhealthy patterns and overcome emotional blockages in order to restore life balance and emotional wellbeing. The holistic approach to counselling focuses on the individual as a whole – emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual – and relies on action, not just words, to promote positive change.

Your Holistic Counsellor seeks to understand the whole you and your lived experience as they support you through challenging times and provide you with the tools and strategies to take control of your life. Our counsellors style is gentle, personable and respectful, with a whole lot of emotional honesty and a good dose of humour. These sessions are a safe, nurturing space for you to share your thoughts and feelings, self-reflect and heal.

This services is available for individuals and couples.

What is Personal Training


Personal Training is such an imperative part of working towards optimal health, this is a space to empower you for healthy change, and by engaging with your PT regularly you will be celebrating your goals with your trainer not just on your own, this giving you motivation to achieve your goals even when it gets tough!

Your Personal Trainer can guide you step by step with entire routines either within a group setting or individually, depending on what is right for you. With a passion for health and fitness your trainer will inspire and encourage you every step of the way through personalised programs, instructions, education and support.

Your individual tailored appointments will not just be purely about the exercise regime, it is about getting to the bottom of your barriers to health, learning what you have tried in the past, what has worked, what hasn’t and why, this setting you up for success and better health outcomes